Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Letter of Support

So a friend from high school, let's call her Awesome Girl, wrote this really sweet letter of support for the blog, and I wanted to share this with you. Its sentiments totally match my view on the world and I hope it matches yours too. Here we go:

hey mike,

i just read your ENTIRE blog. the whole thing, seriously, it took me like a full ten minutes.

anyway, the reason i'm writing is because you mentioned that you felt you had some growing up to do. i have been having a similar conversation with various people in my life lately.

i have a few jobs.. maybe even a real career path.. i own a home.. i'm married with two dog children.. i work my ass off and then i come home and put on a clown mask and play video games until bed time. occasionally, i will prepare dinner for my husband.. which generally consists of pizza or mac and cheese.. i sometimes throw a vegetable into the mix.

i am sure people at work think that i go home and put on an apron and dote on my husband. i don't. i hide behind the shower curtain and wait for him to get home and try to scare him.

i had an instance a few weeks ago, where i had a call out for work pretty late at night. my dispatcher dispatched a police officer as well to follow up on me and make sure i didn't get kidnapped or anything.. i was a little dejected by that. and then as i recounted the story to my dad i said.. "well, i guess i can understand his thinking, since i'm a young woman and all" and my dad said.. "you're not really a young woman." and i was like WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?! i totally see myself as a kid.. and think that everyone else should, too.

so i've been polling the people in my life.. from my siblings to my father in law, who just turned 64. and apparently, you never feel like a grown up unless you WANT to. My father in law said that when he was in his forties he went through phase where he thought it was time he start acting like a grown up, and he was miserable. he told me to keep acting like a kid for as long as i please. and that is my plan.

don't grow up, buddy.

awesome girl

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